Friday, November 21, 2014

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Thanksgiving Placemats Preschool Craft

These placemats are a fantastic way for your preschooler to contribute to Thanksgiving and other fall festivities next week!

Making them is also intense fine motor exercise and a bit of an art project!  Fortunately, they are super simple to set up -- your kiddos can even make a whole batch while you do some baking!

Simple Supplies:

* construction paper
* scissors
* optional: laminator

Easy How-to:

1- Prepare your supplies by cutting strips of colored construction paper about 1 inch wide and then cutting strips in your "base" construction paper (we used brown) about 1 inch apart.

2- Show your kiddos how to weave the papers through the strips, alternating over/under/over in each row.

3- When you're done, throw a party!  

Optionally, you can laminate your kiddos' homemade placemats and use them for Thanksgiving and other special meals too!

Have you made woven placemats before?  I'd love to see them!!

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I may share at any of these parties!

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