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Kid-Made Penguin Ornament

Here come the penguins!  We have had loads of penguin preschool fun, and finished up with these cute kid-made penguin ornaments!

Last week we went to Sea World for Thanksgiving, and one of the kiddos' favorite exhibits was the penguin house.  We even rode the moving sidewalk in front of the penguins several times because my preschoolers were so in love with watching the penguins walk, swim, and dive!  My 4-year old pointed out that penguins are "super swimmers!" 

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Look how fast this guy is swimming...he's leaving a trail of bubbles!

We were already penguin fans, but seeing them so close-up made the penguins even more loved than before!  So, when we came home and a few days went by, I pulled out Penguin and Pinecone.  The kids were ecstatic!

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I love this book for so many reasons!  Penguin is absolutely adorable.  The relationship between Penguin and pinecone is handled so simply and elegantly--the pictures tell so much, especially to a prescholer!  And (the science nerd teacher in me especially loves) that I can tie quite a few biology lessons into the story too!  It makes a fantastic Christmas/holiday/winter book, but it is also a great book for tree life cycles, biomes, climate, habitats, and parts of a plant.  Anyway, we used it to launch into our penguin ornaments craft.

Don't they look like great friends?!  I love how the kids added accessories to the basic penguin idea!

Make your own penguin craft ornaments!

Simple Supplies:

* shatter-proof ball ornaments
* paint & paintbrushes
* ornament hangers or bent paperclips
* craft foam for the feet, wings, and beaks
* wiggly eyes

Easy How-to:

1- Cut out the wings, feet, and beaks.  If necessary, paint the foam.  :)

2- Paint the ornament balls black.  You can get some from Amazon (links at the bottom of the post) or grab some shatterproof ornaments from a dollar isle!   Just go ahead and paint the whole are great at this!  Let it dry.

3- Paint the white penguin tummies.  We actually did this first and learned that it would have been easier to do second, so I'm saving you the hassle!  Paint the black bodies first and the white tummies second. Let it dry.  (Or cheat and use a hair dryer!)

4- Attach the feet, wings, beaks, and eyes with hot glue.  I let my children use a low-temperature hot glue gun, but if you or your children are not comfortable with that, just use normal Elmer's school glue.  It works fine, but takes longer to dry.  Still, you know your kiddos best and their safety is most important!

5- Let your kiddos add any other accessories they want, and hang them up for everyone too see!

This one has a little bow.

This one has a scarf that matches the story...and a bow!

And this one has a super power cape.  He is an Agent Penguin.

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And guess what?!  This post is part of the 10 Days of Kid-Made Ornaments series organized by Mama Miss!  Each day several bloggers will share a kid-made ornament inspired by a children's book!

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Unknown said...

awwww agent penguin is my favorite - so cute - what a fun ornament Carla!!

Tarana Khan said...

This is adorable! Pinning.

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Thanks Melissa! We love the agent penguin too!

Thanks so much Tarana!!

Samantha said...

oh! These are so cute! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hope you stop by again next week!

Christy McGuire said...

I love how you put all these activities together, making a rich learning experience. I don't usually think of things like extending activities from the aquarium, but I am inspired!