Monday, January 19, 2015

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Preschool Math: Nuts & Bolts More or Less Game

This fun game uses irresistable nuts and bolts to practice preschool math skills!

When I told my kids I had a math game with nuts and bolts for them, they were just as excited as if I'd offered them candy!  They love these things!  (You can see some of our other nuts & bolts activities here and here!)

This Nuts & Bolts More or Less game helps kiddos practice the following skills:

* one-to-one correspondance (important for future math and reading)
* counting
* fine motor skills
* comparing/analyzing
* more or less terms
* subitizing and number familiarity

You can set it up as a center for older preschoolers, a busy bag for independent work, or a game for you and your child!

To play, you will need the following

Simple Supplies:

* two large bolts (or one large bolt for each player)

* 12 nuts that fit the bolts (or 6 nuts for each player)

* 1 die

* optional: this recording sheet for each player

* optional: 3 scoring nuts or bolts

To Play:

1.  Give each player a large bolt, six nuts and (optionally) the recording sheet.

2.  Each player takes turns rolling the die and putting the indicated number of nuts on their bolt.  If only one person is playing, he/she rolls the die twice--once for each bolt.

3.  Compare the two bolts and decide which bolt has more nuts on it and which has less.  Optionally, move the nuts from the bolt to the recording sheet to make counting and comparing easier.

4.  OPTIONAL:  Place one scoring nut or bolt by the large bolt that had the most nuts on it.  Repeat steps 2 & 3.  Whichever bolt has the most nuts by it after three rounds wins!

I may share at any of these parties!

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