Thursday, January 22, 2015


Valentines Science Experiment: Fizzy Exploding Hearts

If you haven't tried this fizzy exploding hearts science experiment, grab your kiddos and get ready for a new favorite activity! This science project is a ton of fizzy fun.


We first fell in love with this type of small-scale "explosion" a couple years ago when we used the same concept to make Fizzing Shamrocks.  We adapted it ever so slightly this year to make these fizzy hearts!

You can make your own fizzy exploding hearts too!  It takes virtually no set up, just gather these supplies, your children, and get started!

Simple Supplies:

* paper
* glue
* baking soda
* vinegar
* cups
* food coloring
* pipettes

(The pipettes are optional, but they are the best tool we've used...and they make a great fine motor exercise!  We've also used straws and spoons.)

Easy How To:

1- Pour the vinegar into cups and let your kiddos add food coloring.  We chose red and blue this year.

2- Squirt the glue onto your paper in heart shapes!

3- Dump baking soda on the hearts.  Some baking soda will stick to the hearts.  Pour the "extra" baking soda off onto another paper to use again.

4- Use the pipettes to squirt colored vinegar onto your baking soda hearts!  Enjoy the fizzy explosions!

Kids of all ages love this science activity!  While you're making your colorful explosions, you can talk about color mixing and reactions.  You can ask your young kiddos what they think will happen (Can you make a hypothesis?) and whether they were right or not.  Older children can also talk about and experiment with different glues and different acids and bases!

And if you enjoy fizzy science experiments, be sure to check out some of our other popular fizzing classics: Sparkly Explosion, Love Potions, Fizzing Dinosaur Eggs, and Fizzy Snow Dough! They all make for a fun afternoon of science project learning!

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Unknown said...

This looks like a ton of fun! We are gonna have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

Thanks Stephanie! I bet you'll love it!