Friday, July 24, 2015

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{FREE} Ladybug Life Cycle Packet!

Ladybugs are a year-round favorite here--we see them all spring, summer, fall, and even during warm weeks in the winter!  Most children are familiar with butterfly life cycles, so teaching them about ladybugs reinforces the life cycle concept and lets them expand their definitions of words like larva and chrysalis to more general, appropriate meanings!

You can download a ladybug life cycle packet for your own family or classroom here!  Make as many copies as you need, but please do not host or share the file.  Encourage other teachers and parents to download their own file by linking to this blog post, so I can continue creating {FREE} resources!  Thank you!!

  Inside the packet, you will find life 4 life cycle cards showing eggs, larva, pupa, and an adult.  You will also find matching label cards.  These are great for learning about the life cycle, labeling, and matching.  You can even play memory- or go fish- style games!  You will also find a life cycle chart with labels at the bottom.  You can cut out the labels and match them to the chart.  You can also glue the chart into a file folder and match the life cycle cards (or labels) to them!  There are a ton of possibilities with this little set!  We even used them outside during our Nature Club on our Bug Day!  There is also a coloring book style life cycle chart to color, paint, or play with.  Remember, not all ladybugs are red or have spots!

Ladybug Life Cycle Details:

Eggs:  10-15 tiny, yellowish, oval, eggs are laid in a group under a leaf.  They take about a week to hatch.

Larva:  Ladybug larva look like miniature alligators, eat tiny mites and aphids, and shed their "skin" as they grow.  Ladybug are often in the larva stage for 2-4 weeks before transforming into a pupa.

Pupa:  The pupa grows, attached to a leaf, for several days.  It looks like a funny yellow or orange shrimp.  The pupa shell splits open when the adult is fully formed, usually after 3-12 days.

Adult:  When the adult hatches, it has a soft shell that hardens and turns red (or other colors) within a few hours.  Adults can hibernate and live for a couple years.

I hope you love the ladybug life cycle packet!!

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Happy Educating, Carla!

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