Wednesday, February 8, 2017

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Insect, Bug, & Spider Themed {FREE} Preschool Printables

Welcome to my "bookshelf" for {FREE} Insects, Bugs, & Spiders Themed Preschool Printables!!

It's hard to come up with one word to describe all the small critters on this page, but I think "macroinvertebrates" might be the closest thing...basically, all insects, spiders, worms, and crawling critters (without a spine)! This includes ladybugs and butterflies printables too!

Since there will be a lot of free printables in this category, I'm dividing it up into the following sections:

General Bug Free Preschool Printables
Spider Themed Free Preschool Printables
Ladybug Themed Free Preschool Printables
Bee & Butterfly Themed Free Preschool Printables
Worm & Other Macroinvertebrates Themed Free Preschool Printables

Feel free to scroll down to whichever category you are most interested!

And "bee" sure to pin this page and come back to it -- I will keep adding insect and bug printables here. They are a favorite topic for my kiddos!

NOTE: Click on the text under the images, not the pictures themselves!  :D

General Bug Free Preschool Printables:


Spider Themed Free Preschool Printables:

{FREE} Spider Lapbook (appropriate for older kids too!)

Ladybug Themed Free Preschool Printables:

Bee & Butterfly Themed Free Preschool Printables:

Worms & Other Macroinvertebrate Themed Free Preschool Printables:

If you have preschoolers in your life, be sure to stop by my BIG collection of {FREE} preschool printables! There are hundreds of files with something fun for everyone!!

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I may share at any of these parties!

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