Monday, August 31, 2015

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Chocolate Chip Change: A {FREE} Counting, Numbers, & Colors Game!!

I am super excited to share Chocolate Chip Change with you today!  It's a preschool-friendly counting, numbers, and colors game!!

We've been reading Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a read aloud book recently, and everyone has loved it!  Last week I shared our chocolate sensory lesson and activity, and today I am sharing our new chocolate-y themed card game!

The number cards all have numbers printed and a corresponding number of chocolate chips on them.  This helps children associate the numbers with objects they represent, and helps ease the burden of differentiating between tricky numbers like a six and nine!  Additionally, the game requires color knowledge of red, green, blue, and yellow.  My experience has been that if children do not know the necessary colors when they want to play a game, they will learn them very quickly!

How to Play Chocolate Chip Change:

1- Deal each player seven cards and turn one card over in the middle to make a discard pile.  Place the rest of the cards face down in the middle for a draw pile.

2- On your turn, play a card in the discard pile by either matching the color of the previous card in the discard pile OR by playing the next number if you were counting.  For example, if the previous card in the discard pile were a Red 4, you could play any Red card or any 5 card. **

3- If you can't play, draw a card.  If you can play it, play it!  If you cannot play it, your turn is over.

4- To change the color, you must either have the correct number card OR a powerful color changing card!

5- Continue play until all the cards in your hand are played!  Or, declare the first player to use all his/her cards the winner!

** Variations:

1- If your kiddos are too young to count, you could let them match identical numbers.

2- Once your kids are pros at counting up, try playing a few rounds where you count backwards!

Click here to download a {FREE} copy of Chocolate Chip Change: a counting, numbers, and colors card game!!  Please do not share the file, host it on other websites, or post it in groups.  Sharing a link to this blog post is always appreciated!  Encouraging other parents and teachers to download their own copy by clicking through this page allows me to continue to create {FREE} materials.  Thank you for sharing appropriately!!

We created these cards to go with our reading of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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I just found your site and really enjoyed your fun ideas. I home school and at times we need a little inspiration to motivate love of learning.
Thanks for being there.