Tuesday, January 12, 2016


{FREE} Penguin Ice Cube Counting With LEGOS

Love penguins?  Love LEGOS®?  Working on counting?  Then you'll love this {FREE} Penguin Ice Cube Counting mat!

Click HERE to grab your own {FREE} Penguin Ice Cube Counting game!

I designed this Penguin Ice Counting mat to go with our Penguin theme in January.  We're also using it with our LEGO group activities, and it's already been wonderfully popular!  It is excellent counting practice, number recognition, and reinforces one-to-one correspondence (an important early math and reading skill).  It is perfect for hands-on learners, kiddos who have a hard time holding still, and children who love to build and create!

To play, simply place all the number cards upside down, shuffled.  Draw the top card, place it in the number card square on the Penguin Ice Cube Counting mat, and count out a corresponding number of LEGO pieces.  Use the LEGO pieces to build "ice cubes" for the penguin to skate on!


* This {FREE} Penguin Ice Cube Counting Mat

* LEGO pieces (Amazon Affiliate Link: LEGO )

LEGO pieces worked wonderfully for us, but if you don't have them you can also use duplos or other small manipulatives.

We also used the number cards to practice counting and recognizing numbers 11-20.

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Do you love LEGOS?  We do!  They are today's manipulative of the week!

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Unknown said...

Love that you have called the bricks ice cubes!

Crafty Mama in ME said...

That looks like fun - I love that the bricks created an "ice cube" path for the penguins to travel on :)

Unknown said...

What a great idea!