Saturday, March 19, 2016

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Top 10 No-Candy Themed Easter Basket Ideas!

There's the community Easter egg hunt, school/co-op Easter party, gifts at church, and gifts from friends: kids get so inundated with sugar at Easter time that I decided our celebrations would not include candy.

The first year I tried this, I thought I should warn our kids.  Nobody wanted disappointed kids on Easter, right?


Instead of kids who were happy because they knew what to expect, I had kids very concerned about the "no-candy" idea. They kept trying to change my mind...right up until Easter.  When we actually got to Easter, and they saw what I had for them, they were so excited that they completely forgot the candy!

Well, almost completely.  Completely enough!

That year I stuffed their plastic Easter eggs with LEGOS.  They loved them!

It's become a tradition with us.  Every year I put some kind of LEGO themed goodie in their Easter basket and hide them.  We have a scavenger hunt to find their treasures.  It's loads of fun, and when they're done, they get to build!

Last year, I even made these fun minion Easter eggs to go with it!

But LEGOS are not the only way to have fun at Easter time!  This year, I'm sharing some of my favorite no candy themed Easter Basket ideas from around the internet with you!  I hope you'll find something to inspire you!

Top 10 No Candy Themed Easter Basket Ideas:

Arts & Crafts Easter Basket:

3 Book Themed Easter Baskets:

DIY Pool Easter Basket:

Easter Flower Pots:

Peter Rabbit Easter Basket:

Gardening Easter Basket:

Also, today is the Top 10 Easter Collection!

There is something in here for everyone!!

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Emma @ Our Whimsical Days said...

That pool idea is the best! And I love the book-themed ones too!