Monday, May 2, 2016


Ice Egg Dinosaur Preschool Science Experiment

Do your kids love dinosaurs and science experiments?  Then they will love this ice egg preschool science project exploration activity!

Let your kiddos explore states of matter (solid, liquid, gas), melting, freezing, and different temperatures with these cool ("cool"...get it?!  haha...) dinosaur eggs!!

We reviewed that dinosaurs, like other reptiles, grew in eggs.  We even have evidence that some dinosaurs guarded and protected their eggs and nest!

You do need to plan this activity a day in advance, but preparing for it only takes about five minutes...and when you pull it out, your kids will play with it for much longer than that!

To prepare your own dinosaur eggs, simply wedge a dinsosaur into a balloon. I like to use the little dinosaurs and the 12" balloons to make it easy.  Then add water, tie a knot, and stick it in the freezer over night.

When you're ready to play (or use it for science or fine motor time!), just pull it out of the freezer, snip the balloon off, and give the ice eggs to your kiddos.  I also gave them a bowl of warm water and pipettes to work with.  They loved them!!

Even if you do not discuss any science concepts, your preschoolers and toddlers can experiment with different temperatures of water, melting, freezing, solids, liquids, and different tools.  Older kids can use it to create a common experience that can be used to discuss any of those concepts and others (like heat, energy, and molecules) in more detail.

They also had a great time throwing the last remaining chunks of ice egg to try and get it to break faster!  Some of the dinosaurs were stuck a long time!!

This science experiment/activity goes great with themes like spring, eggs, Easter, or (what we did) Dinosaurs! It's the perfect science project for pre-K and kindergarten.

This month's Virtual Book Club book is Goldilocks and the 3 Dinosaurs by Mo Willems, so we've been doing lots of dinosaur activities!

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Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories said...

Super cool! My kids would love this and I want to play, too.

Rainy Day Mum said...

What a fantastic cool down learning activity - this would be ideal for hot summer days to keep the kids cool outside.

Michelle said...

We love excavating objects from Ice this is definitely a fun activity to do with Dinosaurs and on a nice warm sunny day! Looking forward to some nice weather here to do this. Love book club and all the great ideas!

Growing Book by Book said...

So much fun! This will be great to do when the weather warms up.