Thursday, June 2, 2016


A is for Albatross Preschool Animal Alphabet Craft

Do you know what the biggest bird in the world is?  I know the title sort of gives it away but, yes, it's the albatross*!  So today A is for Albatross, and I'm sharing a fun paper plate albatross preschool craft!

The wandering albatross is the bird with the biggest wingspan--this "little" guy can measure more than 10 feet across when he's flying!  They use this huge wingspan to ride on ocean winds for hours at a time--sometimes without flapping at all!  

This paper plate albatross craft gives your preschoolers fine motor exercise and a chance to color with permanent markers (though if that makes you nervous, just use washable markers)!  The final product is also a toy that went on all sorts of adventures here!

To make your own paper plate albatross, you will need just three supplies:  a paper plate, a black permament marker, and scissors!

First, draw the albatross wings and body like this:

Then cut it out and cut a slit in the body.  If your kiddos can cut, let them do it!  Assemble the albatross by passing the wings through the body.

Prepare for take-off!

Let your kids add details with a permanent marker.

I did this with my son, who does not mind a black and white bird at all.  If my daughter had been involved, we would have had a purple albatross!

After we made the albatross, we played with it...and then my son played with the albatross without me!  Here it's diving for food (some albatrosses can dive more than 10 feet deep to grab fish!):

And here it's flying to the moon!:

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AND, here are a few more letter A resources: 

* Note: Just for the record, the albatross is not the tallest or heaviest bird...I was using wingspan to determine the "biggest!"

I may share at any of these parties!

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Unknown said...

A very cute craft! And interesting info too! Thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

My son made one for his fourth grade project! Turned out awesome and it was so easy to make!

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

That's fantastic! Thanks for letting me know! <3