Thursday, August 18, 2016

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Preschool Rock Theme - 21+ Rock Activities and Science Experiments!

Do your kids love rocks? Use that passion to fuel a huge preschool rock theme study with these rock activities and science projects for kids 3-7 years old! These rock-themed activities and science projects are easy and fun.

You can use rocks for fine motor exercise, crafts, science, art, math, letter learning, and so much more!

If you're interested in a set of more formal lessons for a Rock Theme or Rock Unit, click here. I have a whole printable rock unit set up for you! If you're looking for preschool rock theme ideas, you will love this collection:


1- Make rock pets (like these rock bugs)
2- Make rock weights
3- Make stone fish
4- Paint rocks!
5- Use rocks, sand, and more to make an ancient Roman road!


6- Make diy alphabet pebbles 
7- Make an alphabet rocks construction site
8- Play Construction Race to learn letters & numbers


9- Sorting! Sort by size, color, shape, or anything else!
10- Counting! Collect rocks and count them!
11- Weighing! Use a digital scale, a balance scale, or a triple beam balance to weigh your rocks. Weigh them one at a time, or as a group!
12- Magnifying! Use a magnifying glass to make close-up observations!
13- Testing density! Use a bucket of water to see if your rocks float or sink. Be sure to provide some pumice or some other rock that will float!
14- Rubbings! Explore texture by making crayon rubbings on paper over rocks!
15- Streaking! Test your rocks' "streak" by rubbing them on a streak plate (you can use unglazed porcelain tile).
16- Testing hardness! Try scratching your rocks with a penny, another rock, and other objects!
17- Testing with water! Depending on your kids' ability, measure water displacement, volume, and/or density!


18- Fizzing sedimentary rocks
19- Erupting igneous rocks 1 (use eruption instructions here)
20- Erupting igneous rocks 2 (use eruption instructions here)
21- Crayon changing "metamorphic" rock lab
22- Make soil from rocks
23- Inspired by Dr. Seuss STEM Challenge


 24-  Edible sedimentary rocks
25- Edible igneous rocks
26- Edible metamorphic rocks (instructions at the end of this post)

There is SO much you can do with rocks! What kinds of activities and science projects do your preschoolers love to do with rocks? How do you use them to learn? I'd love to see!!

You can get my {FREE} Rock Unit here and check out over 150 science experiments and activities here! There is something for everyone!!

Happy Educating, Carla
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