Friday, August 12, 2016

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HEEP Hands-on Energetic Easy Preschool Curriculum Filled with Great Activities and Science Projects

Are you looking for a preschool homeschool curriculum that is full of fun, hands-on projects and science experiments that is easy to customize to suit your style and schedule? Then you will love HEEP! It's packed with all sorts of activities and science projects to keep your kids engaged and excited about learning.

I'm so excited to share this with you this year! It combines a little of everything that I think is important during the preschool years and answers the question, "How do I teach homeschool preschool?" At the same time, it is a great resource for daycares and full-time programs too!

What is included in this preschool curriculum?

* 52 themed "lessons!" Each lesson is designed to last a week, but can easily be condensed or expanded depending on the activities you choose.
* Book, Discussion Topics/Questions, Art/craft, Math, Science/Sensory, and Literacy Activities, Snack, and Field Trip Suggestions in each themed lesson.
* 52 "Hidden" Letter worksheets! One worksheet corresponds to each lesson!
* Dozens of pages of printable activities! These are a great variety, including puppets, story telling props, math games, and so much more!
* 26 Letter/First Sound Picture Cutting Strips Pages (one for each letter of the alphabet)!
* 26 Phonics/Alphabet Coloring Pages (one for each letter of the alphabet)!
* File size is 212 pages, 17.6 MB.

What does this preschool curriculum cover?

* 52 amazing books appropriate for preschoolers!
* All the letters in the alphabet
* Counting and recognizing numbers 1-20
* Name recognition and writing
* Kindness and other values
* Science experiments & science reasoning
* Rhyming
* First Letter Sounds
* Colors
* Shapes
* Patterns
* So much more!!

How does this preschool curriculum work?

I suggest spending about an hour every weekday in organized "school time." During that hour, mark a calendar, talk about the weather and your schedule, read the suggested book, and choose 1-3 of the suggested activities.  Over the course of a week, you will read the same book five times and do 5-10 activities related to the same theme you found in the book.

Outside of that hour, I encourage families to let their preschooler spend time playing and pursuing studies that interest them.

What teaching philosophies does this preschool curriculum follow?

After more than 20 years of working with young children, there are several concepts that I am passionate about. This curriculum is based on the fact that I believe...

1- that all children are capable of learning.  
2- that children are naturally motivated to learn about and explore their world.
3- that spending time with fun, exciting, funny, thought-provoking, and well-written books is the very best form of early literacy.
4- that play is the most effective form of education.
5- that being outside helps children self-regulate their emotions and enjoy learning and play more.
6- that real-world experiences are more meaningful that "seat-time" instruction.

As a result, you will see lots of activities that are book-centered, play-based, child-directed, outdoors-oriented. 

It is perfect if you are starting to homeschool and looking for a preschool curriculum for your 3-4 year old. It is also a great curriculum supplement for preschool centers or home daycares!

I still have questions?

Please send them to me!!  I would love to hear from you! You can email Carla at preschoolpackets at

Can I see some pictures?

Of course!! I'll be putting up more pictures over the next few days/weeks!

So, how much is it?

Similar sized electronic curriculum run $35-$50, but I wanted to make it affordable for everyone!  So, this full-year, full subject preschool curriculum featuring hands-on activities and science projects is only $19.99!!  You are welcome to use it for as many children as you personally teach, whether in your own home or a classroom! This curriculum is designed to cover an entire year of learning fun with a wide rande of activities and science experiments...that makes it only $1.66 per month or 38 cents per week! That's less than the cost of a donut!

AND, just for you, I set up a...

===>>> THIS WEEK's SPECIAL<<<===

I'm so excited for this curriculum that I made a special discount code just for you!! Just type "thisweekspecial" into the "discount code" box and it will knock more than 20% off!

Discount Code:

Last question...I homeschool and can't afford that much on curriculum?

I love homeschoolers and don't want to exclude anyone by the price! To apply for a curriculum scholarship, send me an email (preschoolpackets at explaining why you would like to use the curriculum and why you need a scholarship. I will respond to you as quickly as possible!

Discount Code:

Happy Educating,

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