Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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I am a Kite Action Rhyme for Preschool

This action rhyme for kids combines full body movements with a guessing game perfect for preschoolers...can you tell it's a kite?

This rhyme goes great with a kite theme, learning the letter K, a spring theme, summer theme, New Year activities, or just for fun! It makes a great circle time activity! I like to use action rhymes as a sort of "brain break" to help the kids re-focus and calm down. I have found that sensory activities, especially if they involve more than one sense and motion, help kids relax when they start to bicker and are overwhelmed.  This uses the sense of touch, motion/proprioception, and the sense of hearing. It also exercises balance, and the rhyming words strengthen pre-reading skills!

The first time I introduced this to my kids, I had them watch me, and I stopped right before saying "kite." They all guessed it, and filled it in! Then we did it together about three more times.

I am a Kite Preschool Action Rhyme

by Carla at Preschool Powol Packets

I'm not a bird, but I like to fly.
(wave arms like you're flying)

I'm not a plane, but I touch the sky.
(reach both hands up as high as possible)

You can hold me with one hand
(reach out with one hand)

Or set me down, on the land.
(touch both hands to the ground)

Fly me high in day or night;
(wave arms again like flying)

What am I? I am a kite!
(reach arms out to your sides, like "ta da!")

Have you used action rhymes before? If not, this is the perfect time to start! You can even grab a printable version here!

I am sharing this I am a Kite action rhyme for kids as part of the 31 Days of ABC's at All Done Monkey! Be sure to pop over for more letter learning fun with science, history, literacy, and more!

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Kali Lin said...

I am loving these preschool rhymes!!