Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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Geography Around the World through STEM Projects

The science teacher in me still thinks that science is the most fun subject ever invented, and that the STEM approach to learning is the most exciting and effective way to discover a subject. I have also always loved to travel, and now my kids seem to have picked up the must-learn-everything-about-every-country-and-people bug too! To tie it all together, I'm bringing you a new series here at Preschool Powol Packets: Discovering Geography Around the World with STEM Projects!

How will this work? On this page I will share links to STEM projects that introduce children to a new country or culture! Most of these projects include elements of science, technology, engineering, AND math. Most of the projects include a challenge to create or engineer something!

The STEM approach is simply one of problem solving and integrating the STEM subjects with your study focus. Most of my projects include an artistic element and could also be considered STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and math)!

As your kiddos work through each project they will also be creating a shared experience that does three important things:

1- Promotes group unity.

2- Helps them remember the geography lesson better because there was both a social experience and a hands-on problem solving experience attached to it.

3- Creates a framework to learn new things that are similar to that place or culture.

I will be adding a new project about every week or two, and linking to them all from this page. So, be sure to pin or bookmark this page, and come back to it each week as you plan your lessons!

Well....are you ready?!! 

Here is the Geography Around the World with STEM Projects collection!!


Do you have any special requests? What are you studying? I'd love to tie it into STEM, and I'd LOVE to see how your projects turn out!!

Happy Educating,

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