Thursday, December 29, 2016

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100 Days of School ~ Awesome Activities & Books!

A 100 Days of School celebration is fun for ALL ages--from preschool through college! These 100th Day activities, though, are best for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school.  :)

We usually celebrate 100 days of school in January or February, so I've been looking at activities for us this week and thought I'd share my favorites! Because I found so many awesome ideas, I'm sorting them into these categories:

100 Days of School Outfit Ideas

100 Days of School Counting Ideas

100 Days of School Activities for Kids Ideas

100 Days of School Book Ideas

These activites are perfect for classrooms, homeschool, co-ops, or just after-school fun! I hope you love them!

(hint: Click on the TEXT link below the pictures, not the pictures!)

100 Days of School Outfit Ideas


Come Together Kids shows a simple way to make a 100 Days of School shirt with 100 little baseballs...or any other image you choose!

DIY Inspired shares a quick and easy way to make a gumball 100 Days of School shirt...and you could use her method to make any picture with dots (think snowflakes, flower buds, rain drops...)!

I am beyond in love with Danya Banya's 100 Days of School sequin dress...with 100 sequins! I have a 3-year old who would never take it off!

100 Days of School Counting Ideas

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas has an awesome full body 100 Days of School counting by 10's activity!

KC Edventures has a collection of 100 small items that you can count to celebrate 100 Days of School!

The Kindergarten Connection has great tips for making classic fruit loop necklaces!

Coffee Cups & Crayons made a fantastic BIG sticky chart for counting to 100!

Kindergarten Freckle Teacher  uses q-tips to count 100 paint dots to celebrate 100 Days of School!

Funky Fresh Firsties get the award for BEST counting service project ever! They collected (over!) 100 cans of food to donate to a food bank!

A Spoonful of Learning shared their Crazy Hats...and lots of other 100 Days of School activities!

Kindergarten Lifestyle blew up 100 balloons...and pooped them!

Little Hip Chick made a giant fish bowl with 100 goldfish!

100 Days of School Activities for Kids Ideas

Living Montessori Now has a collection of dozens of free songs about the number 100 or 100 Days of School! These are perfect for preschool circle time, AND are fun, catchy songs for older kids too!

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas used 100 dot stickers for a 100 Days of School art activity!

This Reading Mama has a free printable 100 Days of School Estimation Activity! I love how this makes your kids estimate, test, and record active full body activities...all while counting to 100!

Use this free printable to write and draw about what your kiddos would do with $100!

Hands on as we Grow made an awesome 100 Days of School sand sensory art...I'm totally in love with this because it is so hands on and something preschoolers can do themselves (more or less)!

Lines Dots and Doodles has her students draw themselves as if they were 100 years old!

Busy Kids Happy Mom has a few 100 Cup Challenges (and a free printable) that would be perfect for a 100 Days of School Celebration!

Coffee Cups and Crayons has a wonderful list of 100 Acts of Kindness for kids. You could start your own kindess challenge as part of your 100 Days of School Celebration!

And we used blocks to conceptualize the number 100 in big bright colors!

100 Days of School Book Ideas

We haven't read all of these yet, but I scoured Amazon to find some great 100-themed reads! I think I'm going to buy Centipede's 100 shoes this year...

Amazon Affiliate Links:

I hope you have a wonderful 100 Days of School Celebration!! I'd love to hear what you end up doing...feel free to leave me a link or send me an email!

Happy Educating,

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