Thursday, December 29, 2016

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Awesome Dry Ice Science Experiments

Dry ice experiments are one of my personal favorite types of science experiments...probably because my preschoolers (and other kids too!) are always so impressed and amazed with these fun science projects! Even my 1-year old was delighted as she watched our dry ice bubbles grow out of a graduated cylinder!

Because we love dry ice experiments so much, I've got a little creative in coming up with new things to do with dry ice. We've used it for lessons on penguins, space, Halloween, and more! The experiments are, of course, everyone's favorites, so I decided to share them with y'all!

These experiments with dry ice are perfect for homeschool, classrooms, or after-school or weekend fun. They also work great for parties, boredom busters, and holiday entertainment! Kids in preschool, elementary school, high school, and even adults have loads of fun experimenting with dry ice--just remember to never touch it directly and always supervise your kids to keep them safe!

I'm linking all the dry ice experiments we've done to this page, but it's a work in will be done soon, so keep checking back! I'll also put up some notes about where you can buy dry ice and some details about dry ice science and safety.

In the meantime, here are our favorite

Dry Ice Experiments:

(hint: Click on the text below the pictures, not the picture!)  :) 

Make Dry Ice Rockets and talk about Newton's laws of motion with this explosive dry ice experiment!

"Catch" a Gas (and carbonate a drink) at the same time in this fun dry ice chemistry activity!

Make frozen "Halloween" bubbles! Sometimes we call these ghost bubbles and make them at Halloween time, but sometimes we make them just for fun during winter. We don't have much that is "frozen" during the winter in Houston, so this project is all kinds of exciting for us!

Make a dry ice volcano! Challenge your little scientists with our dry ice volcano STEM activities!

Use dry ice to put out a candle!

Challenge your kiddos to make a comet model with you! This space-themed dry ice experiment is loads of fun...even if it doesn't actually orbit! Plus, you can learn all about comets too!


Blow up a balloon with dry ice! This one is so simple, but it always amazes the kids!

Use dry ice to make bubbles! There are loads of variables you can change in this dry ice experiment!

Add some dry ice excitement to your Halloween fun with this set of Bubbling Pumpkin Experiments!


Make smoke rings with dry ice  and a water bottle!

Use dry ice and rocket science to make rainbow art

** Coming Soon! **

Use this dry ice experiment to create an antarctic penguin habitat fog! Plus, learn more about what makes fog, both in antarctica and around the globe!

** Where can I buy dry ice? **

** Dry Ice Safety **

Do you love dry ice? Do your kiddos love to do science experiments with it? I'd love to see what you do! Feel free to send me an email, leave a comment, or stop by my Facebook page (Preschool Powol Packets) to show me your dry ice science projects!

Happy Educating,

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