Friday, January 20, 2017

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{FREE} Counting Rhyme for Kids: 10 Twinkling Stars

One of my favorite games with my kiddos is making up fun, silly rhymes for kids! We also love looking at the stars at night and in the morning.

In fact, did you know that in the very early morning right now (late January 2017) the planet Jupiter looks like a star? It's the perfect ti,e for a star rhyme!

I've actually gathered up 21 of our counting rhymes for kids and put them into an ebook that you can get here, but today I'm sharing this star counting rhyme for free!

It's fun to say during transitions, in the car, or even as part of a lesson during a space theme or star theme!

Counting rhymes are wonderful for kids because they reinforce a concept of numbers, the order of numbers, rhyming words, and a sense of rhythm. Rhyming is a great pre-reading skill and combining it with finger play makes it even more fun.

Feel free to print out a copy for each of your kiddos!

Then you can use it in your lessons, during play, during a transition, or (my favorite)...while you look for stars and planets outside!

Are you looking for more counting rhymes for kids?  I have another {FREE} pumpkin themed rhyme HERE!

And if you're interested in my ebook full of more counting rhymes for kids, click here!

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