Friday, January 13, 2017

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{FREE} Valentines {Rock Themed}!!

Valentines Day is one of our favorite holidays, and this year (like the last four years) one of my kiddos is obsessed with rocks. I always imagine that if I have a rock-obsessed kid, there must be others, so today I'm sharing these {FREE} rock-themed Valentines! I hope you love them!!

There are two different designs: One says "Valentine! You rock!" and the other says "Our friendship is crystal bright!"

I thought it would be fun to include a cool rock with the "You rock!" card or a quartz crystal with the "Our friendship is crystal bright!" card. Of course, you don't have to, but I know my kid would be delighted to get a cool rock in his Valentine (and I secretly love it when the kids get anything besides candy, lol)! 

Anyway, they would also be great little cards for teachers to pass out, or include as part of a rock unit or theme. And, just in case you're wondering (because I would have to know), the crystals in the picture on the crystal card are quartz crystals and the rocks in the picture on the rock card are (from lieft to right) granite, blue lapiz, and amethyst.

It's pretty easy to find cool rocks outside, but if you'd rather just buy some, here are some Amazon links to sets I like (images below are Amazon affiliate links):


 The rocks in the images above are "real" rocks, but you could also use acrylic "gems" like the ones below (Amazon affiliate link): 


You will "totally rock" with these Valentines too!  :D

And, if you are going to learn about rocks too, you will definitely want to check out my rock theme with loads of fun rock activities, experiments, and more!

And, if you want even more rock themed valentines, check out this post by my friend Sarah at Little Bins for Little Hands!

And if you want other fun {FREE} Valentines, check out my Construction Truck Valentines! We had a TON of fun with them last year!!

AND, if you're looking for some FUN Valentine ideas, be sure to visit my Valentines Theme!!

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I may share at any of these parties!

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Jana from HowToRunAHomeDaycare said...

What a creative Valentine card idea! My kids love all things related to rocks, gems and crystals. Thanks for sharing, we will be using these this Valentine's Day.