Friday, February 10, 2017

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{FREE} Valentines Preschool Printables: Shadow Matching Cards

My girls have a thing for cute clothes, cute animals, cute food, and... cute school activities. This free Valentines preschool printable totally meets the "cute" requirement, and it's still loads of fun for kids who don't care about "cute" (like my son)!

What can you do with these Valentine shadow matching cards? Here are a few ideas:

* Play a memory game!

* Make a file folder game!

* Race to find matches!

* Laminate the cards and put them in a Montessori-style bin!

Why would you want to play with shadow matching cards? Besides them being super cute and loads of fun, of course, they help develop visual discrimination skills (which are a foundational math skill and a key component in learning to read) and logic, pattern-recognition, observation, and problem solving skills!

And if you're printing them for someone who's not obsessed with cute Valentine stuff, don't mention how adorable they are! 

Click HERE to check out my Preschool Winter MEGA Packet! It has over 30 pages of Valentine math and literacy activities AND over 130 pages of winter and cold climate printable activities!

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I may share at any of these parties!

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