Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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April Preschool Themes

Today I'm sharing my favorite April preschool themes and resources to plan for those themes!

As you know, preschool themes are my favorite way to organize preschool lessons, so this year, I am sharing monthly sets of preschool theme ideas! I have a collection of 52 preschool themes (with a free calendar!) that corresponds to my preschool curriculum, but there are far more than 52 possible themes you could learn about every year!  In this post I will share a list of ideas for April preschool themes that we've enjoyed, a collections of activities you can use for them and some of my favorite books! These collections have everything from crafts to science activities, and more!

These ideas are perfect for planning a preschool schedule, daycare, or homeschool! I hope it helps make your planning super easy and fun...I know I have a ridiculous amount of fun planning out school time...  :D

April Preschool Theme Ideas:

Easter (Easter often lands in April)
Books/Libraries (National Library Week this year is April 9th-15th)
Earth/Recycling (Earth Day is April 22nd)
Trees (National Arbor Day is April 29th)
Kites (April is National Kite Month)
Frogs/Ponds (April is National Frog Month)
Gardens (April is National Garden Month)
Poetry (April is National Poetry Month)

Themes from my March collection that can also fit in April:
Baby Animals
Rain & Umbrellas & Weather
Spring (The first day of Spring is usually around March 20th.)

I like to limit each theme to one week because it is easier to keep kids (and adults!) excited about a theme for a short time. It is perfectly okay, though, to spend more (or less) time on a theme, according to your preschoolers' interests!

And, of course, I've gathered up some fantastic resources for y'all! Planning for April will be easy with these preschool themes and ideas!!

Resources & Ideas for April Preschool Themes:

Easter Crafts for Kids
Easter Science Experiments

Book Week Activity Ideas

20+ Crafts & Projects for Kids to do With Recycled Materials

Tree Leaf Collection & {FREE} Identification Cards
Tree Activities for Kids

"I am a Kite" Action Rhyme for Kids
Paper Bag Kite

Montessori-Inspired Pond Unit
42 Frog Craft Projects

Gardening for Math Time
Edible Flowers
How to Make a Fairy Garden With Preschoolers
Plants & Seeds Activities
Garden Printable Pack

Butterfly Craft & Song
Raising Painted Lady Butterflies & Watching Them Hatch
Butterfly Unit
Butterfly Activities for Younger Preschoolers

{FREE} Ladybug Life Cycle Packet
Egg Carton Ladybugs
Ladybug Preschool Unit

{FREE} Poetry Unit

Baby Animals:
Baby Animals Printable Pack

Rain & Umbrellas & Weather:
Weather Activities for Preschoolers
Weather Science Experiment - Warm & Cold Fronts

Rainbow Preschool Songs
Top 10 Rainbow Science Activities
Rainbow Crafts for Tots & Preschoolers

50+ Spring Science Activities
36 Spring Crafts for Kids that are Simple

Book Suggestions for April Preschool Themes:

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