Saturday, March 11, 2017

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Rainbow Printmaking for Preschoolers

There are lots of different printmaking methods you can try with kids, but this is my favorite to use with preschoolers. PLUS, we made rainbow themed prints to go with My Color is Rainbow!

We accidentally discovered this method for printmaking a few years ago after we redid our bathroom floor. We had extra tiles, and I tried to use them for a lot of different activities. I thought it would be fun to paint on them...and we did! But as we painted it occurred to me that we could make prints too!

Plus, we were doubly excited to do a rainbow painting project because our blogging friend Agnes just published her book My Color is Rainbow. It incorporates so many different themes in a really simple story (with brilliant, bright pictures) that ALL of my kids were in love with it...we're talking about kids from 1 to 9 years old! I read it to my preschoolers at least three times the day we got it and many times since. My own 4-year old was particularly in love with it because it has her favorite color, it has rainbows, and it has a unicorn. 

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Rainbow printmaking went along with the book perfectly! We talked about how everyone's rainbows were a little bit different, but that was wonderful! Everyone was so pleased with how their prints came out and very excited to display them!

To make your own rainbow prints, you need a tile for each child, paint, and paper. You can get tiles at a hardware store or through this Amazon affiliate link:

Now, on to Rainbow Printmaking...

First, paint your rainbow on the tile:

Then carefully lay a paper on top of the painting and press it down all over the paint:

Peel the paper off and let your print dry!

Rainbow printmaking also fits in perfectly with a Rainbow Theme, Spring Theme, or St. Patrick's Day Theme!

Have you ever tried printmaking with your kids? I'd love to know how it went and what you used! And be sure to check out My Color is Rainbow by Agnes Hsu:

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Do you have a rainbow theme coming up?  Be sure to check out all of our other rainbow activities and printables HERE and our Spring Science Collection HERE!!

Disclosure: We were provided a copy of My Color is Rainbow for review purposes. No other compensation was provided and all ideas and opinions are mine. :) 

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