Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Handbell Froghop Preschool Activity

The biggest frog I ever saw was one my brother caught when we were kids. About a mile from our house was a pond, and this frog was at least 18 inches long! For real!!

You can have an awesome frog unit even if you don't have a giant bullfrog! This frog themed activity requires virtually no set up, can be done indoors or outdoors, exercises gross motor skills/coordination, and helps reinforce and teach concepts of forward/backward, high/low notes, and counting to two. Plus, it uses handbells, which are one of our most popular educational tools!

This handbell froghop is especially great when you need an activity to help your preschoolers' center their attention and focus on you.

All you need to do is pull out two handbells--one high note and one low note. I like to use two c-bells one octave apart.

Explain to your preschoolers that they all start out in a line (about 15 feet away from you). When you ring the high note they all take two frog hops toward you. When you ring the low note, they all take two frog hops backward.

Once they reach you, let one of your preschoolers take a turn leading the activity. If you have time, let them all take a turn ringing the bells.

Obviously, this goes great with a frog theme, pond theme, spring theme, summer theme, or even a hibernation theme!

And if you do happen to have a bullfrog nearby... your preschoolers will love it even more!

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