Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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13 FUN Science Experiments for Summer

Summer is starting, so I thought I'd share 15 of our favorite science projects with you! These science experiments are perfect for boredom busters, science summer camps, or just for fun! We've done all of these experiments outside, which makes them perfect for summer! (You don't have to do them outdoors, but they are better that way!)

FUN Science Projects for Summer:

#13: Explode diet coke! We love the huge reaction this makes!


#11: Create an ice palace! This is perfect for a hot day!

#9: Design soap boats and take them for a ride!

#8: Make your own "quicksand!" Watch how it changes with more water!

#7: Experiment with a leak-proof bag and learn how it works!

#6: Make a snail habitat and learn about snail anatomy!

#3: Use radiant energy from the sun for this fun, edible, and delicious experiment!

#1: Make Elephant Toothpaste! This is one of all-time most popular science experiments will love it!

There you have it...13 fantastic summer science projects activities! Which is your favorite science experiment here? Have you tried any before?

Are you looking for more science fun? Check out this collection with over 200 ideas!!

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