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STEM Curriculum: STEM Project of the Week - 52 STEM Activities and Science Experiments!!

This STEM curriculum is the result of many conversations with parents and teachers during the last year who are trying to integrate more STEM and science into their schedules. A lot of people have told me it would be nice to have a pre-made STEM curriculum, so I've taken one of the simplest approaches to create a STEM curriculum that can easily be used by parents, teachers, after-school programs, and maker-space facilitators: a STEM project of the week! (If you're feeling more ambitious, I have a step-by-step tutorial on how to design your own personalized STEM curriculum here!)

A STEM project every week is one way to infuse a fun dose of science, technology, engineering, and math (and often art!) into any schedule! It is flexible enough that you can add to it, change it, or skip it if your week is too crazy. You can also adapt most of these projects to any age group: preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. I have found that most of these projects and challenges inspire the kids to come up with their own related activities for several days after I introduce one in a "lesson" format.

How does this STEM Curriculum work?

I have organized 52 projects that can integrate all four STEM pillars (science, technology, engineering, and math) into a year-long format that features several seasonally themed projects. I suggest introducing each project on a Monday so that your kiddos can continue related activities during the week. I also suggest sharing the project with your students as a challenge that they can figure out. When you follow the links you will find that some of the instructions are written out in a step by step format. This does not mean that you need to present them that way! Think of it as inspiration for you to present a challenge, and let them figure out their own steps. Of course, depending on the age and ability of your kiddos, they may need more or less assistance.

The best part is that this is a $29.99 curriculum, and I am just giving it to you for free!!

I want to encourage everyone to try out STEM PROJECTS, so all 52 projects are free! Please pin this post and share it with your friends!

Finally, I am also formatting this post into a pdf so you can save it on your computer and print it easily, if that is helpful. You can get the pdf by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please email me (preschoolpackets at!

And now...your

Weekly STEM Curriculum:

August STEM Projects:


Build an apple toothpick tower taller than 1 foot!

Investigate the best paper airplane design!

Follow instructions and/or create your own designs for Rapunzel's tower!

September STEM Projects:


Design a fingerprint mystery using your kiddos' fingerprints!

October STEM Projects:


Turn recyclable material into building tools like these!

Create Pumpkin Catapults and improve your target practice!

Design a rubber-band powered LEGO car. You can twist and wrap the rubber band to create motion or use a sling shot method like this one!

November STEM Activities:


Create your own musical instruments!

Build your own zoetrope and design an animation!

Learn about slime and then make a slime to go with your favorite picture book!

December STEM Activities:


Design your own chimes using ribbons and bells!

Use candy canes to create bridges strong enough to hold up toys!

January STEM Projects:


Use crushed ice to build your own igloo...and see how it handles winter temperatures!

Investigate friction with this penguin themed study!

Use this penguin themed challenge with playdough and feathers to focus on measuring and counting!

February STEM Projects:


Make Valentine towers like the Empire State Building...only with cups!

March STEM Projects:


Use food to design sedimentary rock models! Then extend it an make igneous and metamorphic models too!

April STEM Projects:


Investigate color and motion interactions as you make paper spinners!

Discover impact and force as you try this fun variation on the classic egg drop!

Use your building toys to design a dog kennel, or an entire zoo!

Make a bridge for your toy cars!

May STEM Projects:


Design and build something that floats! Bonus points if it holds coins!

Grow a seed in a jar! Then move it to a garden!

June STEM Projects:


Build your own water wall with toys and PVC pipe!

Design a sundial and put it in your garden! There is a big sundial at the Houston science museum and we looove it!

Create sculptures with natural supplies as you explore the outdoors!

Use dry ice to build a volcano model! How can you make it smoke more? less?

July STEM Projects:


Build a dam...and a your own yard or playspace!

Build a sand castle at the beach or in a sand pit!

Make your own water wheels and see if they carry water!

What are your favorite STEM activities? Do you teach preschool, elementary, middle school, or high school kiddos? I would love to know how you integrate STEM into your schedule! Feel free to send me an email or drop by my Preschool Powol Packets Facebook page!

More STEM Resources:

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