Monday, October 30, 2017

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Bats are Nocturnal - Cupcake Liner Bat Craft

Super easy and fun, this preschool bat craft provides great fine motor exercise, a little science, a little shape review, and a new vocabulary word!

I have a couple kids that love gluing things together to make "projects" like nothing else. I could give them a bottle of glue (or a gluestick), a pile of paper, and scissors and they'd be happy for hours! I decided to capitalize on that for this bat craft to go with the Virtual Book Club's Bat theme this week!

* "night time" construction paper: blues, purples, or blacks
* white paper
* cool patterned cupcake liners...I love the options that are available in the fall!
* glue sticks and scissors
* (optional): brown or black markers
* (optional): eye stickers and glitter

1- Cut the cupcake liners into bat shapes. This is super easy because you can stack 5-10 liners up and cut through them all at once. I just "eye-balled" the shape, using the center circle as a head and making simple wings on the sides.

2- Cut out some white circles for moons.

With the kids:

1- Read Stellaluna! This fun story makes the craft more meaningful and gives the kids a literature connection. Nothing is more important than reading with your preschoolers! (Image below is an Amazon affiliate link:)

2- Set out all the supplies and tell your kiddos we're making a night-time bat scene. Bats are most active at night -- they are nocturnal because they do most of their hunting and eating between sunset and sunrise. So we are making nocturnal bat scenes! They can pick their color paper and the bats they want. They can also decide if they want to use a full circle moon, or cut it to a half moon, crescent, or another shape! If you put out markers, they can use them to draw trees or other landscapes. Answer any questions, and let them get to work! Make your own nocturnal bat scene with them!

As can often happen, the kids had some ideas of their own. They asked to pull out eye stickers (that we used recently for a mummy project) and glitter (of course, lol!). They were pretty awesome:

3- Display your bat scenes! If you want, add the words "Bats are nocturnal!" to the display!

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Clare's Little Tots said...

You guys get such fab cupcake cases over there. It's rare that I find anything other than white over here in the UK :-(