Monday, October 2, 2017

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Egg Science Experiment With Inertia

This week we're investigating an egg science experiment with inertia for the Farm Theme with the Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids!

This science project works great as either a demonstration or an experiment! It's stunning enough for a group and addicting enough for kids to want to manipulate the variables and test it over and over and over!

Let's start with a video! Watch the carefully balanced RAW egg drop safely into the cup of water:


* Tall cup, filled with water to about 1-2 inches from the brim
* raw egg
* egg carton top (I've also seen this done with a lightweight pie tin or lid with a flat bottom and short "lip.")
* cardboard tube (We used a toilet paper tube.)

So what's going on and how can you do it too? There are a lot of principles behind this little project, but my favorite is inertia because it explains so much of what is happening. Inertia is the tendency of an object at rest to stay at rest OR an object in motion to stay in motion until another force acts on it. Newton thought this concept was so important he made it the essence of his first law of motion! How do you see it in this experiment? The egg began at rest, and wanted to remain at rest...even when its supportive tower was knocked out from under it! Eventually, though, (okay, like less than half a second later...) gravity's downward force made the egg move...straight into the waiting cup of water!

The trick is to knock the tower out from under the egg without putting any sideways forces onto the egg. The best way to do this is to hit the pie tin quickly and with enough force to knock it out of the egg's path before the egg falls. The pie tin will pull the cardboard tube along with it. You should practice this a few times with just the egg carton and cardboard tube -- if you can make them fly off the cup without knocking the cup over, you can do it with the egg on too!  Then be sure to place the egg horizontally so the cardboard tube is less likely to pull the egg away with it.

Kids can experiment with setting up the apparatus themselves, trying different supplies for the "tower" (is there a difference in a toilet paper tube and a paper towel tube?!!), trying more than one egg at a time, and much more! See what they come up with, and make sure they try it too! Kids can totally do this, and they love it! (When I made the video above, my 10 year old set up and knocked over the egg tower. She can do it unsupervised, but you might want to supervise your younger kids--make sure the cardboard tube is directly over the cup.)  

Eggs are a lot of fun to learn about and conduct science experiments with! Here are a few of our other favorite egg science projects: Walking on Eggs, Preschool STEM with Dinosaur Eggs, and Floating Egg Science Experiment!

Eggs are also one of my favorite things to talk about when we study farms, birds, and Easter...they fit in everywhere! To join in this week's Virtual Book Club Farm Theme fun, hop over the Facebook Page for community fun, grab a copy of our featured book, Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type (image below is an Amazon affiliate link), and check out the farm themed activities from our co-hosts below!

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