Monday, March 26, 2018

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Birds & Nest Letter Matching {FREE} Printable

This week's Virtual Book Club theme is all about Birds, so I am excited to share this {FREE} letter matching bird printable with you!

There are loads of ways you can use these little birds and nests:

* You can use this as a file folder game--tape the nest pages onto a file folder, cut out the birds, and match them up!
* Cut out the individual birds and nests and use the lettered birds to spell your kiddos' names or other words you're working on!
* Print the pages, but only use 4-6 birds at a time to review the letters you're working on!
* Put the nests in a pocket chart and match the birds to the nests!
* Put the nests on the floor and let the kids hop onto them as you call out different letters!

I also included 22 "blank" birds that you can use to let your kiddos write their own letters on! Let them build their names or other favorite words!

Just CLICK HERE to get your own free set of bird and nest letter matching pages!

I made this upper case/lower case alphabet letters to go with this week's Virtual Book Club theme: BIRDS! We absolutely love birds, and spend a lot of time learning the names of common birds in our area! I also have this {FREE} Backyard Bird Cards set to help learn common backyardbirds!

You can join in the live birding fun at the Virtual Book Club Facebook page! Check out this week's featured book (Are You My Mother...image below is an Amazon affiliate link), and then visit the other co-hosts for more bird themed activities:

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Do you have a favorite bird-themed activity? I'd love to hear about it!! Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment!

Happy Educating,

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