Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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ALPHABET! Free Printable Mini Books

These free printable mini books are the perfect mini books to help your preschooler begin to recognize the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make!

Each free printable comes in a coloring-book style mini book that you staple together for your preschool child. Let your kiddos color the pictures, identify the letter, and talk about the words in their mini books. (Did you know that coloring strengthens the same muscles that kids will need for writing?!)

One of the signals I had that my preschooler was ready to start learning to read was when we were talking about the letter A one day and she said, "I know all the words that start with A. All the words in my A Book start with A: alligator, ant, apple, airplane, acorn..." and then she got distracted. Short attention span. BUT she knew "all the words" in her little book started with A. I knew we were ready for the next step.

Some kids in preschool enjoy coloring book worksheet-style pages...and others don't. I have two right now that absolutely love them, so we set to work making a whole set to cover the alphabet. My girls love to "read" them to anyone who will listen! If your kids don't like to color (and, oh boy, have we had kids that don't color!), don't stress about it! Try some of our more sensory-intense activities instead (like making fossils or sparkly explosions), and come back to letters and coloring pages when they can sit for two minutes at a time. ;)  

These mini books are easy to download and easy to print! I'm not requiring email addresses, registering, or anything like that! You are always welcome to sign up for my weekly email, but you don't have to! In fact, all you have to do to get each printable mini book is click on the letter you want (either the image or list below) and download the page!

You can work on one letter a day, or stay on the same letter for a whole week...or more! I will be uploading one letter a week for the next 26 weeks! They are fun additions to letter of the week programs or themed curricula!

(See below for links that are not connected to images)

AND, if you don't want to get them one page at a time (or just can't wait for them to come out weekly), you can get the whole set at once by clicking on the BUY NOW button below or buying through TpT here!

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HINT: Use the discount code "BlogLove" for a special discount just for my blog readers! Thank you so much for being here and supporting me!

Here are the links again, in case you prefer lists than images:

Letter A        Letter B        Letter C
Letter D        Letter E        Letter F
Letter G        Letter H        Letter I
Letter J        Letter K        Letter L
Letter M        Letter N        Letter O
Letter P        Letter Q        Letter R
Letter S        Letter T        Letter U
Letter V        Letter W        Letter X
Letter Y         Letter Z

I hope you love these free printable mini books, and have lots of alphabet and letter-learning fun with your preschoolers!

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