Wednesday, July 4, 2018

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Ladybug Preschool Craft

This ladybug preschool craft is actually loads of fun for all ages, and is a part of our Bugs and Insects themed Summer Camp Activities! Click HERE for more Bugs & Insects preschool "camp" activities!!

A ladybug is happy and light,
She wants to be our friend!
Let's make one to play with tonight,
So that our fun will never end!

Bring her out for a ladybug theme,
A ladybug preschool craft that's fun,
She will make your kids' eyes gleam
And they will all want more than one!

Puzzle pieces, markers, and a hole punch
Are the first of six supplies;
Add a feather, 1 brass fastener,
And stick-on wiggly eyes!

Now color two puzzle pieces red and 
The body a nice, solid black.
Then let them dry
While you have a snack!

Make lashes with a feather
On the back of each sticky eye...
You might need to add glue 
If the feathers make it too dry.

Cut two more feather pieces,
Glue or tape them to the back.
They make nice antennae 
So your ladybug can find a snack!

Now pop a hole 
In each puzzle piece,
And poke the fastener through
With a final crease!

Finally, just add some dots
With your finger and black paint
(Or just use a marker
If messes make you faint),

Give your ladybug a name,
Make sure that she is dry,
Flap her wings...
She is ready to fly!

AFTERTHOUGHT: Maybe you noticed this format is a little different than my normal posts. :) To be honest, I am neck-deep in studying for an Earth & Space test to finish up my Masters degree, and I took a break to write this post. But as my head was swimming with facts about rocks and landforms, I found myself craving a little creative writing exercise! So this is what you get! I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Educating,

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