Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Free Preschool Butterfly Puzzle Set

These preschool butterfly puzzles are a wonderful early math and science activity for young children AND they go great with a butterfly theme or spring theme!

Did you know that doing puzzles is preschool math and science?!

Here's why!

Math and Puzzles:

1- Puzzles use sequential math skills.
2- Puzzles require a concept of one-to-one correlation.
3- Puzzles use ordering and sequencing skills.

Science and Puzzles:

1- Puzzles require forming and testing hypotheses about piece placement.
2- Puzzles invite logical analyses and conclusions.
3- Puzzles tie in to other science content.

These puzzles, for example, can tie into a butterfly theme, a spring theme, or a discussion about life cycles! They would be perfect to put out on a table next to a butterfly habitat!

How can you use these butterfly puzzles for preschoolers? 

Here are a few ideas:

1- Set a few out , or in a bin, for your kiddos to do whenever they feel like it!

2- Turn all the 2-piece puzzles upside down and play matching games!

3- Glue one piece of each of the 2-piece puzzles to a file folder and let your kiddos find all the matches!

4- Glue one piece of 4 of the 4-piece puzzles to a file folder, and let your preschooler build all 4 puzzles from the remaining 12 pieces.

5- Take turns adding a piece to the puzzles. 

6- Before you cut the 4-piece puzzles, glue them onto another picture. After your kiddos build the butterfly puzzle, tape it together, and flip it over to see what other picture they made!

Math and science are two of the "pillars" of STEM, which is what educators frequently refer to when they talk about integrating science, technology, engineering, and math. Often, we add in an "a" for "art," making the acronym STEAM.  STEM/STEAM education is vital in our societies, so I am delighted to share these BUTTERFLY PUZZLES  with you for FREE !!

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