Tuesday, July 21, 2020

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FREE Summer I Spy (Visual Preschool Game)

It's summer time!! What are your favorite summer pictures? Can you find all the "hidden" pictures I listed? Can you tell I am excited to share this preschool summer I SPY game with you (for free)?!! 

Free Preschool Game

The download link is below.

Just print both pages once -- the first page is full of hidden pictures and the second page lists the hidden pictures. 

Of course, you can find other pictures too! Or let your preschooler pick something for you to find!

I'll tell you a secret: I think the seahorse, flamingo, and fireflies are my favorites!

Do you have a favorite? Or does your kiddo?

You can play this game with your preschoolers, put it in a Quiet Bin for nap time, or put it in a busy bag for when you need a quick activity! 

I SPY games are great for preschoolers because they help them develop lots of pre-reading and pre-math skills! Here are a few:

1- Visual Discrimination: Noticing fine details and differences is necessary for reading and telling letters and numbers apart! I SPY games give kids practice focusing on small things!

2- Working Memory: I SPY games require kids to choose an object on one page and remember it while looking at lots of distracting objects! A strong working memory lets kids sound out words while remembering the sounds from the beginning of the word AND helps them remember words they've already figured out from earlier in the page!

3- Language Development: Ideally, you and your preschoolers are talking about the pictures you see, which strengthens language development, which makes reading easier!

And they're tons of fun!

You can print more than one, mark the hidden items, or just print one and not mark anything!

I put printable games like this in a binder that the kids can pull out whenever they want. ;)

Happy Educating,

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