Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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FREE Beach Preschool Matching Game

Summer is here, and we just had our first beach trip in MONTHS!! (Honestly, almost a year!)  So, of course, I am excited to share this beach-themed matching game with you (for free)!! 

Preschool Beach Matching Game

The download link is below.

Just print the page twice so you have nine pairs of identical images. Turn them all upside down, and take turns looking for matches! 

My kids like to follow traditional "Memory" game rules:

On your turn, you turn over two cards. If they match, you keep the cards and get another turn. If they don't match, turn them back upside down. Play until all matches are found. The player with the most matches wins!

Or, if your kids are young enough to play without knowing who won, just celebrate the pictures each person collected!

You can play this game with your preschoolers, put it in a Quiet Bin for nap time, or put it in a busy bag for when you need a quick activity! 

I put most of our printable games in a drawer that the kids can get into whenever they want. ;)

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