Monday, May 17, 2021

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Fossil Activity ~ Preschool Dinosaur Camp Day 1

The third activity in our first day of our little preschool dinosaur summer camp is a fossil matching game! 

Preschool Dinosaur Summer Camp (or Unit Study)

Day 1

You can see the 4-day outline for our DIY preK summer camp here!  

The third activity is a fossil matching game!

Everything we know about dinosaurs comes from fossils, and there are a lot of fossils in the world! 

This matching games is super flexible--for younger kids, just print two sets of the images and match them together. 

If you have kids that can read, print the text cards, and let them match labels to each fossil image!

While you play, I like to talk about how many fossils were made from buried layers of mud, but fossils were also made in these ways:
* freezing
* fossilizing in tar
* fossilizing in amber or other saps

After you play a few times, go back to this outline for more activities for the first day of the Preschool Dinosaur Summer Camp!

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