Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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Preschool Dinosaur Summer Camp (or Unit Study)

Summer is coming up, and one of our preschool traditions is to do a "summer camp" at home! We never really planned it that way, but one activity led to another, and one year led to another, and... here we are!

As I set up the schedule this year, I'm doubly excited to be doing a dinosaur theme! This fits right in with our Dinosaur Day Celebration (May 15th-June 1st), so we will be sharing even more awesome dinosaur-themed ideas and activities in my STEM group on Facebook.

You'll notice that each day comes with a book recommendation. This is because literacy is SO critical for young children! It ties into everything we do with them because it prepares them for independent learning in the future!

Since we generally do 4-5 day "camps," I'm setting up the format so that between May 10th and 21st you'll get links to all the activities right here! It would be waaaaay too long to put it all in one article, so this "landing page" will link out to 10 activities that I'm scheduling for the camp.

Here's the schedule (subject to change!):

Preschool Dinosaur Camp

Day 1: Dinosaurs, Rocks, & Fossils (oh my!)

Book: A Dinosaur Made Me Sneeze by Carla Mae Jansen
Activity 1: Rock Hunt & Crack 
Activity 2Rock Painting
Printable (Quiet) ActivityFossil Matching 
Snack:  Dinosaur Dust (Coming May 13th)

Day 2: Meat-Eating Dinosaurs

Book: How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food by Jane Yolen
Activity 1: T. Rex Teeth  (Coming May 13th)
Activity 2: Big & Small Carnivores  (Coming May 14th)
Printable (Quiet) ActivityI Am a T-Rex foldable minibook
Snack:  T-Rex Print Cookies (Coming May 14th)

Day 3:  Plant-Eating Dinosaurs

Book: We Love Dinosaurs by Lucy Volpin
Activity 1:  Stegasaurus Teeth  (Coming May 17th)
Activity 2:  Life size  (Coming May 18th)
Printable (Quiet) Activity: Dinosaur Egg Number Matching
Snack:  (Coming May 21st)

Day 4: Paleontologists 

Book: Titanosaur by Diego Pol 
Activity 1:  Feather & foot prints (Coming May 19th)
Activity 2: Excavation  (Coming May 20th)
Printable (Quiet) Activity: Dinosaur Shadow Matching
Snack:  (Coming May 21st)

Did you know that there are TWO "Dinosaur Days" celebrated around the world?!! The third Tuesday in May AND June 1st are both "Dinosaur Day" for different people!

Soooo, I decided to have a BIG 2-week Dinosaur Days Celebration!! There will be giveaways, games, contests, and so much more!!  You can sign up to get email announcements about the events HERE!! I would LOVE to "see" you join!! 

AND, I am joining with another dozen homeschooling moms to bring you fun ideas to do with your kids this summer! This Preschool Dinosaur "Camp" and the Dinosaur Days Celebration are perfect if you have preschoolers!! You will also want to check out these other homeschool series coming in May:

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There will be announcements, giveaways, and freebies to go with the homeschool summer series in this FB group!

Do you have plans for summer already? I'd love to hear about them!! Feel free to email me or say hi on Facebook or Instagram! 

Happy Educating,

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