Friday, May 6, 2022

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{FREE Preschool Printable} Roll a Bug Game!!

This fun printable Roll a Bug game is perfect for ladybug-loving preschoolers who are learning to recognize colors, match, and count!

This game works for two or more players! There are four "jars" (gameboards) in the file, so if you have more than four players, print additional sets!

To play, you just take turns rolling the dice and filling up your jar! There is one die showing the color of ladybug and one die showing how many ladybugs you get to put in your jar on your turn!

My kids have learned all sorts of things through games! This particular game strengthens the following skills:

** counting
** subitizing
** color recognition
** concept of one-to-one correspondence (important for reading!)
** taking turns
** sportsmanship skills (I encourage younger players to keep playing until everyone wins!)

I'd love to see you playing! Feel free to tag me on Instagram at @Carla.Mae.Jansen or Facebook at @PreschoolPowolPackets ! 

Happy Educating,

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