Monday, August 28, 2023

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Early Childhood Education Career Training

Are you considering a career in childcare? Do you need professional development courses? 

Today I have a lot of really great information for you about childcare training, professional development, and degree options. 

These courses are perfect for a lot of different scenarios:
** Beginning a career in childcare or early childhood education
** Childcare providers and teachers looking for credentials
** Childcare providers and teachers looking for professional development
** Anyone looking for a head start in an early childhood teaching career

ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) has always been the leader in online childcare training and certificates. Their courses are user-friendly, available 24-7, and cover hundreds of topics with a wide variety such as early literacy, music, growth mindset, brain development, and working with parents and other professionals. 

I have been happy to share CCEI's programs during the last few years because they are so relevant and convenient!

You can take courses from CCEI individually or follow the training path they have to earn your CDA (Child Development Associate) Credential. This credential opens up new career opportunities for childcare professionals and increases your earning potential.

We all know Early Childhood Education is a rewarding career for adults, but it is also a career path that teenagers can begin during high school with a part time job. CCEI makes it easy to earn state-required IACET CEU professional development hours, no matter how busy your schedule is! Their professional development courses are available online every day, every week, all year!

And now CCEI has partnered with StraighterLine to offer even more options!

If you want to start working on an associates or bachelors degree, this is the perfect way to do it!

StraighterLine has five foundational early childhood education courses that easily transfer to more than 2,000 colleges and universities! Those courses are:

You can also take their other general education courses to make your degree path easier. They have more than 60 options! Just check with your college and see how many you can transfer!

All of these courses are accredited and available online and on your favorite devices! Check back with me in September and December, and I'll share specific reviews of two more of the StraighterLine early childhood education college courses too!

I hope this is helpful information for you! If any of it sounds exciting, I encourage you to learn more about potential career pathways with CCEI's CDA + StraighterLine's 5 ECE college courses today!

This article is sponsored by ChildCare Education Institute. All opinions are mine--you know I only recommend products and companies I love!

Happy Educating,

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