Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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My Leaf Report--Free Printable

Fall is a fabulous time of year to take a closer look at leaves!  There are many, many science experiments, crafts, games, and topics for preschoolers to study that relate to leaves!  Inspired by Little Giraffes "All About a Leaf," I created the printable "My Leaf Report" for preschoolers!  Click here to download it for free!

Then go outside and let your child choose a leaf to analyze.  Help him fill out the different pieces of information and let him draw a picture of his leaf.  He will be using science, reasoning, and communication skills as he analyzes his leaf with you.

Do you like the free "My Leaf Report" for preschoolers?  I would love to hear if you use it and see pictures of you and your preschooler!  You can always send an email or leave a comment!