Saturday, November 19, 2016

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Christmas Science Experiment: Fizzing Candy Cane Eruptions!

Today I'm sharing another candy cane science experiment we did at our Christmas science in the park day: fizzing candy cane eruptions! This is a super fun science project for Christmas-themed learning. 

This is a super easy twist on a classic chemistry for kids reaction, but it allows for extra experimentation than the, it lets you add a Christmas or holiday theme to your science lesson!

To begin, cover your tray with baking soda. Break up candy canes and sprinkle them into the baking soda--this is amazing fine motor exercise!

Finally, let your kiddos use pipettes to carefully spray vinegar anywhere they want to in the pan!

After several close-up sprays, my kiddo announced that the candy canes are not actually fizzing...just the baking soda fizzes, but it makes bubbles that surround the candy canes! This actually gave rise to another experiment we did, but I'll talk about that next week!

I hope you're enjoying this little Christmas science series and all the fun things you can do with candy canes! Make sure you check back soon for the Top 10 Candy Cane Science Experiments & Activities!!

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