Friday, September 7, 2012

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{FREE} Fall Game: Superhero Scarecrow!!

Yay!! Fall is here!!  Halloween is coming soon!  To celebrate, I have a fun freebie: 
Superhero Scarecrow!

You can download it for free here

There are two boards in the file: one with crows numbered 1-6 and the other with crows numbered 1-12.  If your child can add and choose whether he needs one or two dice, use the board with more numbers.  If your child is working on number recognition, use the 1-6 board.  This is great practice for number recognition, counting, adding, and coloring (fine motor skills).

It's time to help the scarecrow save the corn!  Get rid of the crows by rolling the dice and coloring in the correct number.  To make it a team game, take turns rolling the dice and coloring in the birds.

To make the board re-usable, either laminate it or put it inside a sheet protector.  Either way, you can write on it with a dry-erase marker and erase it with a paper towel! You can also put it inside a folder and use it as a file folder game!

Click here to download Superhero Scarecrow for free!!

Are you looking for more fall and Halloween games?  Check out this file in my Teacher's Notebook store:

I may share at any of these parties!