Monday, December 16, 2013

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Christmas Tree Inspired Hand & Finger Painting

Christmas Trees are fabulous inspiration for process-based painting and sensory experiences!

This little fine art paintings may look a little messy, but they provided a science lesson in color mixing, fine motor exercise, sensory fun, and a final product that the kids can hang up.  Curious?  Here's a quick peek at our lesson:

1.  We had a conversation about Christmas, colors and lights they are seeing frequently, and Christmas trees.

2.  I gave each child a tin with yellow and blue paint.  They made their own green paint with their hands!

3.  One of my children immediately made "gloves" for himself and two others followed suit.

4.  They made their "Christmas Trees" and "Christmas Bushes" with hand prints, then added lights and other decorations with fingerprints.

It is important to let children create things that can look however they want them to...if their Christmas Tree looks like a giant green blog with colorful lights, that is okay!  Their little self-esteems need the encouragement that comes when they create something independently and are praised for it.

It is also okay to do crafts with children that resemble something they're familiar with!  If you'd like a Christmas Tree project that looks like a tree when it is done, check out our Sandpaper Christmas Trees!

I may share at any of these parties!