Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Craft Stick Heart Name Puzzle

Heart name puzzles are perfect for a preschool Valentine party or just to practice name letter recognition any time!

I love these simple paper name puzzles, but I wanted to give my preschoolers a name puzzle that would last a little longer as they learn to recognize and name all the letters in their names.  And then it hit me...craft sticks!

We love craft sticks and since we've been focusing on name learning this week, I was super excited to make eight name puzzles...one for each of the kiddos in our preschool group!

Making a Craft Stick Heart Name Puzzle is super easy!  Start with a craft stick for each letter in your child's name and draw a big heart on it that encompasses all the sticks.  Add in the letters, and you're ready to go!

I packaged the name puzzles up in a zip-lock baggie and wrote the children's name on the front of the bag so that the kiddos who needed help could look at the bag as they built their name.

We did this as a group activity, but it would also make a great gift for your kiddos or an easy busy bag!  My son has pulled his heart name puzzle off the shelf and done it randomly on his own every day since I made them.  

Do you love name learning activities?  Be sure to check out this fun name decoration project!

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