Friday, February 20, 2015


Top 10 Rainbow Science Experiments Activities!

If your kids are like ours, some of your favorite science projects and activities include rainbows...and I have the perfect collection of colorful science experiments and activities for you!

These rainbow science activities are fantastic for preschoolers...and almost any other age!  Have you tried them all?

Sparkly Fizzing Rainbows  (picture #1) here at Preschool Powol Packets is one of our all time favorite baking soda and vinegar projects!

Rainbow in a Jar  at Playdough to Plato uses principles of density to create a beautiful rainbow!

Rainbow Volcano  (picture #5) is almost magical!  It's another fun way to use colored baking soda here at Preschool Powol Packets!

Rainbow Reflections  at Buggy and Buddy takes advantage of principles of reflection and refraction to make lovely dancing rainbows in your home!

 Rainbow Bubbles  at Science Sparks uses water to bend light into rainbows inside bubbles!

Rainbow Science: Absorption  (picture #2) at Teach Beside Me is a wonderful demonstration of color mixing and capillary action!

Rainbow Racing  at Fantastic Fun and Learning provides a fantastic opportunity to talk about gravity, slope, and velocity!

Rainbow Eruptions  (picture #4) at Learn Play Imagine uses Kool-Aid to make a bubbly, beautiful rainbow!

How to Make a Rainbow  at Inspiration Laboratories uses water to bend light into a rainbow on your own wall!

Crystal Rainbows at Little Bins for Little Hands actually builds crystals into a rainbow!  Beautiful!


Check out these other rainbow activities here at Preschool Powol Packets:

Rainbow Cupcakes!

Edible Scented Salt-Free Rainbow Playdough!

Straw Rainbows Preschool Craft!

Magic Rainbow Foam!

Rainbow Heart Crayons!

{FREE} Rainbow Breakfast Printable!

Do you love science?  Be sure to visit my collection of over 150 preschool science activities and preschool science experiments here!

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