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100+ Preschool Science Activities & Preschool Science Experiments!!

Preschool science experiments are my favorite way to engage preschoolers in learning and discovery!  All of these science projects are perfect for getting little minds excited about exploring their world in a real, hands-on way.

These preschool science activities and experiments can inspire, motivate, and encourage your kiddos to get involved in science!  Preschoolers are natural little scientists!  They love to learn about, touch, and investigate their world.  Most preschoolers will discover their own science projects as they explore outside, in the kitchen, and with manipulatives.  Kids love to experiment!  Let them mix, match, and check things out (with safe supervision, of course!).

I encourage everyone who works with kids to let them explore at least one science experiment every week.  The activities on this page are a fantastic place to start--we have done them all and loved them!  Choose one, or let your kiddos choose one, and see where they take it!

A lot of these science projects are also fun for older children.  If your kids can read, let them choose an experiment or follow the directions.  Just remember that all the science activities here are meant to be done with appropriate adult supervision!

This page is a collection of all the science experiments, science projects, and preschool science activities here at the Preschool Powol Packets blog.  It is a HUGE resource!  I'm sorting them for you by subject, so you will find the following themes with dozens of posts under each one.  You can also hold down the "ctrl" key on your keyboard and click the "f" key at the same time to pull up a search bar and look for specific topics (like pumpkins, fizzing, exploding, rain, etc.).

And be sure to save this page and pop back again--when we do new preschool science activities, I will add them to this list!

Science Subjects:

Space & Weather
Other Science Collections/Round-ups

Have fun, and Happy Experimenting!!

Space & Weather & Earth:


LEGO Engineering Preschool Challenge 3: Pets
Paintbrush Engineering STEM Challenge
Ancient Greek Architecture STEM Challenge
Preschool Science Inspired by The Umbrella
LEGO Engineering Preschool Challenge 1: Cars
LEGO Engineering Preschool Challenge 2: Houses
Rubber Band Sling Shot LEGO Car
Colored Light Experiment
Ice Cube Igloo STEM Project
Outdoors STEM: Build a Bridge
Cat in the Hat Center of Gravity Balance Experiments
Sand Castle STEM Challenge
Eiffel Tower STEM Challenge
Chocolate Hearts Science Experiment: Forms of Energy & States of Matter
Secret of the Leak-Proof Bag Experiment
Bat Science: Echolocation Experiments
"Screaming" Ghost Balloons
Engineering Challenge: A Candy Solar System
Apple Toothpick Tower Challenge
Sound Science Experiments: Vibrations & Violins
Dry Ice Rockets
Patriotic Straw Rockets
Crayon Resist Heart Painting

Chemistry (including color mixing science):


How Sharks Float Experiment Part 2
Crazy Cool Giraffe Science Experiment
What's Inside Your Blood: An Edible Model
Inspired by Dr. Seuss Turtle STEM Challenge
Inspired by Dr. Seuss Preschool Fish Experiment
Butterfly Plants for Preschoolers
Raising & Hatching Painted Lady Butterflies
Preschool Science: Flower Investigation
Preschool STEM: Dinosaur Eggs
How Sharks Float Experiment: Part 1 (fin experiment)
Penguin Feather Science STEM with Preschoolers
Polar Bear Science Experiment STEM
Penguin Science Experiments
{FREE} Spider Lap Book
Bat Science: Echolocation Experiments
Tree Leaf Collection & Printable Identification Cards
Cheerio Bird Feeders
Awesome Leaf Prints Activity
Chocolate Sensory Activity & Science Lesson
Leaf Collection With {FREE} Leaf Identification Cards
Anaconda Snake Rainforest Craft & Fun Facts
Dinosaur Fossils With Sand Dough
Dissect a Bean Seed Lab
Plant Seeds With Preschoolers in DIY Biodegradable Planters
Worm Anatomy & Science
Dinosaur Science Activity/Experiment
Parts of Plants & Intro (Preschool Botany Class Day 1)
Plants Need Water (Preschool Botany Class Day 2)
Salt Dough Coprolites
Fizzing Dinosaur Claw



Other Science Collections/Round-ups:

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