Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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My Little Animals Alphabet Books Collection!!

Yay!!  You found the My Little Animals Alphabet Books!!  

Every week or two (beginning Wednesday, June 10th) I will release another My Little Animals Alphabet Book {FREE} until there is one little book for each letter of the alphabet!  If you don't want to wait for them all to come out (or if you want to donate to this project!), there is a link at the bottom of this post where you can buy the whole collection now!

Each little animal alphabet book features the following:

* Six animals that start with the featured letter!

* Small pages for small hands!

* The name of the animals in big letters at the top of each page!

* Numbered pages for older preschoolers to help organize!

* A fun fact in smaller print for teachers or older siblings to read to preschoolers!

* {FREE} bi-weekly download!!  Every two weeks, a new letter will become available to download for {FREE}!!  

What can you do with the My Little Animal Alphabet Books?

Here are a few ideas:

* Use them with an animal theme!

* Use them with Letter of the Week activities!

* Tuck them in your purse for when you're stuck in line at the store!

* Place them in a bin for your child to pull out and read by himself!

* Point at the first letter of each animal's name and exaggerate that sound as you say the name!

* Let your kiddos trace the first letter of each animal's name!

* Pick an animal in the book and do a related craft!

* Pick an animal in the book and learn everything you can about it!

* Name animals that start with the same letter, but are not in the book!

The possibilities can go on and on!  What are you using them for?  I'd love to know!!  Feel free to send me an email or share a picture!!

And now...the My Little Animals Alphabet Books Collection!!


Are you not one to wait for all 26 to come out?  Or do you just want them all in one handy file?  Or do you just want to contribute to this massive project?  No matter what your reasons, you are welcome to download all 26 My Little Animals Alphabet Books in one convenient pdf for only $6.99!  AND, in addition to the 26 My Little Animals Alphabet Books, the pdf file includes two special bonuses:

Bonus #1: Alphabet Play Dough Mats!  26 pages featuring a capital and a lower case letter that you can use to build play dough letters!  You can also put them in a rice bin, a salt tray, or just use them for tracing!  $3.00 value, but you'll get it for free!

Bonus #2: Animal Color & Trace Cards!  Each of these 26 letter cards features one black and white animal to color and the featured letter and animal's name in light letters to trace! $3.00 value, but you'll get it for free!

The bonuses are only available with the complete My Little Animals Alphabet Books collection!  SO you get the 26 little animal books, 26 pages of play dough mats, and 26 color and trace cards for only $6.99!  Just click the button below to order and receive download instructions!

And if you're not ordering the entire set right now, make sure you come back in two weeks and get the next little book {FREE}!!

I may share at any of these parties!

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