Friday, May 19, 2017

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I am soooo excited about how these space-themed BINGO games turned out!!

They are perfect for learning the names of planets and include all the awesome benefits of board games (like developing a functional one-to-one concept, practice taking turns, finding patterns, matching, and more)! Besides having loads of practical educational value, it's also a ton of FUN!

I made the space-themed BINGO boards in two sizes: one for preschoolers who have a shorter attention span (the 9-squares size) and one for preschoolers who can play a little longer (the 16-squares size). AND, as a sidenote, even my "older" elementary aged kiddos had fun playing with the really is a family-friendly and mixed-age-friendly game!

I also included six different game boards (in both sizes) for classrooms, groups, and co-ops! This makes it the perfect small group activity! If you have a larger class, you could divide the kids into groups of 5-7 and let them play BINGO with each other. OR, you could give each child one of the blank boards (also included!) and have them cut out all the space pictures and paste them onto the board in an order of their choice...then you could play as a whole group!

You could also print out two sets of the space calling cards (the first two pages) and play all sorts of matching games with them!

The pictures in the 16-space BINGO game include the 8 planets in our solar system, a spiral galaxy (like the Milky Way), two asteroid belts, a rocket, sun, and more!

And if you're working on a space theme, be sure to check out our CANDY SOLAR SYSTEM and GALAXY ART AND SCIENCE!!

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Drina said...

Thank you for this wonderful resource! I have 5 kids that are getting somewhat bored with some of the harder topics of astronomy and this game they LOVE! Win Win right? Thank you!!