Thursday, March 2, 2017


{FREE} Construction Truck Counting Packet & Math Activities

We do TONS of unstructured construction truck themed counting activities, but I wanted to do a few math activities at a table so I could assess exactly what skills my kiddos have and what we need to work on next. You can use this {FREE} construction truck counting packet for assessments also or just for fun math makes a great math rotation or center activity!

In this packet you will find three different construction trucks (a dump truck, a cement mixer, and a loader) and a set of number cards (numbers 1-24).

If you are working with younger preschoolers you may want to only use numbers 1-5 or 1-10. With my six-year old I used all 24, but with my four-year old I only used the first eleven.

As you can tell, we used LEGO pieces because they are one of our absolute favorite manipulatives ever. Plus, construction trucks like to build things...and LEGO bricks build things, so naturally they work together!

You can, of course, put anything in your construction truck! Some of our favorites are small blocks, pompoms, buttons, paperclips, and food (we love pretzel sticks and raisins, but little candies or goldfish would fit great too)!

Here are the five math activities we've done with this construction truck counting packet so far...there are TONS more, and I would LOVE to hear what you do with it!!

1- Stack the number cards upside down in a pile or spread around the table. Draw one card, place it on the truck, and then load up the corresponding number of LEGO bricks!

2- Ask your child what "one more" than the number on the truck is. Place that number on top of the previous number and let your kiddo add one more brick to the pile. Continue until your child doesn't know the next number. Or, if your child is a pro at counting and the "one more" game, move on to #3!

3- Ask your child what "two more" than the number on the truck is. Place that number on top of the previous number and let your preschooler add two more bricks to the pile. After you repeat this a few times, add "one more" instead of two. This will switch you from even to odd (or odd to even) numbers. Now ask for "two more" a couple more times.

4- Place two construction trucks next to each other. Explain that they will need to share the bricks. Place one number (for example, a "5") above both trucks. Show your child that "2" & "3" add up to five, so one truck gets the "2" card and one truck gets the "3" card. Are there any other ways to make "5"? Let your children make as many combinations as they can! Repeat with a different number!

5- Let your child line the numbers up in order and choose which numbers to put on each construction truck. Now YOU add the corresponding number of bricks! Make sure your preschooler checks you to be sure you are right!!

To download a {FREE} copy of this Construction Truck Counting Packet, click HERE!! 

Please do not share the link to the packet. Instead, share a link to this blog post and let other parents and teachers click over to the packet themselves. This allows me to continue to create free printables and learning resources. Thank you!!  ❤ 

If you are looking for more construction truck activities for preschoolers, I have a whole Construction Truck Theme HERE!!

And, as always, I LOVE to hear from you!! I would be so delighted to see a picture of your kiddos using this construction truck counting packet! Feel free to send me a note, email, comment, or stop by my Preschool Powol Packets Facebook page!

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting the free construction printables. I have a 4 year old grandson who may not be returning for preschool this year because of Covid. He will love these and it will make learning time for his mother much easier

Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

You guys are welcome! I hope your grandson loves them! <3