Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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{FREE} Fall Fun Coloring Page! (And Fun Ways to Use Coloring Pages!)

I was looking at coloring pages I've put together in the past, and thinking about fall activities, and I decided it was time to make a Fall Fun Coloring Page!

I love coloring pages because they provide fine motor exercise, color exploration, and usually have room for your kiddos to add in more details or extra ideas.  And they're incredibly easy to just print and use!  I also often encourage my children to color on a blank sheet of paper because I don't want them to feel confined by someone else's lines or ideas.  Their own artwork always amazes me!

Sometimes, I like to use coloring pages for fine motor activities too!  Here are 5 super easy, and super fun, ways to use a coloring page.  Some will make the page heavy, so you may want to "mount" it on cardstock or a file folder before starting!

1- Paint the picture with fingerpaints, q-tips, straws, or even regular paintbrushes!

2- "Color" the paper by gluing cut yarn pieces to the paper.  Or, color most of the picture and add yarn for things like the leaves.

3- "Color" the picture by gluing colored salt, rice, or sand into it.  Or, color most of the picture with crayons and add the sand for things like leaves or hair.

4- Use dot markers or stamps to color the picture.

5- Use a different art form related to the picture.  For example, dip leaves in paint and make leaf "prints" on top of the picture!  Or, place real leaves under the picture and color in the coloring page as you make leaf rubbings!  Or, crinkle or cut leaves into tiny pieces and glue them onto the leaves in the coloring page!

Download a {FREE} copy of the Fall Fun Coloring Page HERE!!  Please feel free to share the page by linking to this blog post.  Please do not link to the actual file.  Please encourage other teachers and parents to download their own copy.  This makes it much easier for me to continue to make free printables, so THANK YOU for sharing appropriately!!

Are you looking for more preschool leaf activities? Check out my free preschool leaf theme!

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