Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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Dinosaur Footprints Preschool Activity

Do you need a dinosaur preschool activity that takes less than 30 seconds to set up?  

I have one for you today!

Actually, I have a whole series of no-prep dinosaur activities! I think you'll love them because they're SO easy to set up and are still super engaging! I know they've been useful to me!!

Anyway, today's super-easy-but-insanely-fun dinosaur preschool activity is all about dinosaur footprints!  As an extra bonus, it works great for babies and toddlers too (as long as they're not allergic to wheat)!

Dinosaur footprints are one of the ways we have learned about dinosaurs.  The footprints can tell us their size, if they likely walked on two feet or four, how big their gait was, and more!  You can talk to your kiddos about all the great science we can get from dinosaur footprints and how footprints are a type of "trace fossil" (meaning a fossil made by a living critter without any of the critter actually fossilized), and how fossils are made...or not!  It's up to you!

To get your kids started on a hands-on, sensory-filled, dinosaur footprint activity, pull out some kind of pan or large dish.  Cover the bottom of it with a thin layer of flour.  If your weather is nice, go outside.  Let your kids use plastic dinosaurs to make footprints in the flour!  

Play a matching game with them: make prints in the floor and see if they can match which dinosaurs made the prints!

They may want to make their own finger and hand prints too.  :)

Check out my other no-prep dinosaur activities here and a {slightly more planning needed} dinosaur fossilization activity here!

Happy educating!
Carla & the kids who don't sit still

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