Monday, October 24, 2016

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Why We Have Night ~ Preschool Science Experiment

This little science project combines whole body motion and a super easy set up to teach why we have night and the concept of the earth rotating. It's the perfect interactive science experiment for preschoolers.

You will need a ball and a lamp or flashlight. Actually, the ball is optional, but it helps the kids feel like a big Earth more!

Ask your kiddos if the know why the moon and stars look like they go away each day and come back at night.

Tell your preschoolers that they are going to  be the Earth while we watch the sun come and go!  

Turn on the lamp and have everyone face the sun while they hold a ball. Tell them it's day time! They can see the sun!

Now turn everyone to face you, away from the lamp.

Tell them it's night time! They cannot see the sun, but it's still there!

Earth is always turning. When we face the sun it's daytime; when we face away, it's nighttime.  Older preschoolers enjoy this challenge question: When it is nighttime for us, is it also nighttime for kids who live on the other side of the Earth?

Practice making day and night a few more times! Repeat this chant a few times in a sing-song voice while you do:

Daytime, daytime, face the sun!
Nighttime, nighttime, turn and run!

We are sharing this nighttime preschool science activity to go with Time for Bed by Mem Fox for the Virtual Book Club! (Image is an Amazon Affiliate Link:)

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